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Changling…..a chameleons world

Wednesday, May 26th, 2010

Here is a nice shot taken in the wonderful area of the Liesbeek that Joan Parker and other Bishopscort Village residents have worked so hard to transform from an ugly mess into a beautiful sanctuary by the river.

None other than the Bradypodion pumilum (Cape Dwarf Chameleon) which is a CITES protected endangered species. 

Chameleon on Brilliantaisia

Chameleon on Brilliantaisia

This specimen is climbing a Brillantaisia  subulugurica (Giant salvia) which is pictured below in its full flowering glory.

Brilliantaisia subulugurica

Thanks very much for the kind permission from the Bishopscourt Village Ratepayers Association for the use of their pictures. Please visit the full gallery on their website.