Krusty Krab

Early in December 2009 I was driving down Liesbeek Avenue as I do at least twice every day and stopped to make sure this little critter was not run over by another vehicle.  Unfortunately he though wedging himself under my front tyre would be a good place to hide. It too some coaxing my me and a colleague to get him out. I guess if I had just grabbed him it would have been easier, but those pincers looked quite menacing!

Krusty Fighting Back!

After Krusty was extracted I set him free on the banks of the Liesbeek.

I will try to find out some more details about this little fellow and will add them when I do.

Krusty Free!!

After some research this crab is from the Potamonautes species. It is Potamonautes perlatus the Cape River Crab. Potamonautes parvicorpus is a species that is found in pristine conditions in the upper reaches.

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