Liesbeek Flood Good For Yellow Billed Ducks

The recent deluge of rain and partial flooding of The Liesbeek, whilst concerning for human settlement (particularly The River Club), has been really beneficial to the bird life alongst the Liesbeek.


The wetland area near Valkenberg is a wetland again (even if only for a while) and the yellow billed ducks (Anas undulata) are having a great time swimming and feeding in this area.


Unfortunately my cell phone camera cannot capture the ducks so this photo coutrtesy of Wikipedia User:Haplochromis The photo is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike license.

As usual the Wikipedia article is a good place to start looking for more information on the yellow billed duck. You can also try this link.

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3 Responses to “Liesbeek Flood Good For Yellow Billed Ducks”

  1. Patrick Hurly says:

    Did you see the quackers and mallards on the wetland in front of the restaurant at Oude Molen? The yellowbills are in trouble!!

  2. SEO Alaminos says:

    The Yellow-billed Duck, Anas undulata, is a 51-58 cm long dabbling duck which is an abundant resident breeder in southern and eastern Africa.
    This duck is not migratory, but will wander in the dry season to find suitable waters. It is highly gregarious outside the breeding season and forms large flocks.These are Mallard-sized mainly grey ducks with a darker head and bright yellow bill. The wings are whitish below, and from above show a white-bordered green speculum.Sexes are similar, and juveniles are slightly duller than adults. The north-eastern race is darker and has a brighter bill and blue speculum.

    It is a bird of freshwater habitats in fairly open country and feeds by dabbling for plant food mainly in the evening or at night. It nests on the ground in dense vegetation near water. The clutch numbers between six and twelve eggs.

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