On the river recently

It is not unusual to find dead carp in the river, but when it is a fully developed fish in pond opposite Rhodes Office Park in Mowbray, one has to wonder how it got there.



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  1. James Shamley says:

    I have noticed that there has been a large population of carp and banded tilapia in the pond, it is possible that this specimen died after rough handling by a fisherman before release or it could of died from damage caused by birds or people throwing rocks at fish. Although carp and barbel are exotic fish species in this river system and should be eradicated as they do damage the water system, I think that this is unfair as the few natuaral fish species would struggle to survive with the level of polution and fisherman enjoy catching fish in this area. I have seen a no fishing sign along the river, but I think that fishing should be allowed as long as it is under a strong catch and release ethic.
    The last time I went to the river I noticed a shoal of mullet. The shoal consisted of about 50 individuals and where all about 10cm in lengh. They must of swam up the black into the liesbeck and acclimatised to the fresh water. I noticed the shoal under the bridge just after the weir wall at the river club.

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